Fortmühler Group

Fortmühler Group is an international company with strategically important branches for its customers. These branches reside in Munich and Salzburg. Three units are covered under one roof:

Munich: Detektei Walter Fortmühler e.K., Owner: Walter Fortmühler

1994 the detective agency Fortmühler was founded by Mr. Walter Fortmühler. In addition to common detective agency services, its scope of services also includes areas of floorchecking and securing plus return of mobile goods. Our investigators and employees have many years of experience or come from the fields of police and military police.

2015 Entry of Detektei Walter Fortmühler e.K. in the commercial register, Munich District Court, HRA 104425

Salzburg: Die Wächter Sicherheits GmbH, Owner: Walter Fortmühler

2000 “Die Wächter Sicherheits GmbH”, based in Salzburg, was taken over. Our customers include Mercedes Bank GmbH, Porsche Bank, Mercedes Benz Financial Services Austria GmbH, Opel Bank GmbH, Opel Leasing GmbH and HEFA Leasing Kärnten GmbH & Co. KG.

2010 Foundation of Die Wächter Services GmbH based in Salzburg.

Munich: ForSec Security e.K., Owner: Walter Fortmühler

2007 Foundation of “ForSec Security”. As a result, the security tasks were transferred from the detective agency to the new company. Since then it expanded.

2015 Entry of Forsec Security e.K. in the commercial register, Munich Local Court, HRA 104420

With the Munich-Salzburg axis and our employee network, all cities in Europe are within reach.