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Successful in Europe since 1994. Competence and experience for your rights!

The scope of vehicle safeguarding requires intensive investigation. But based on expertise we are able to wind it off competently.

The success quote of 97 % and an average working adaptation of 11 days confirm this. Immediately after order placement the frame work get activated and the necessary steps within our operation area take place for quickest order settlement. During investigation up to the intervention our clients will be permanently informed about the status of the vehicle safeguarding.

Upon request, our clients will be kept up to date with the current status of the collection / security while the order is being processed. A personal contact person is available all the time to grant direct access to all necessary information. After closing the order clients receive a precise report including all important information in writing from order progress up to the arrival of the located vehicle.

After the order has been processed, the customer receives a detailed report with all the important information about the order process. In the case of debt collection, the client receives the payment confirmation and, when the goods are secured, a log of the location (e.g. dealer) and the condition of the secured goods.

The security company is active in the economic sector with the following services

  • Cash collection
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Vehicle fleets
  • Construction vehicles, construction equipment
  • Manufacturing machines in general
  • Medical equipment
  • Office / IT equipment


  • Our service is available 365 days a year
  • The first contact takes place within 48 hours; even with interventions in Germany,
  • We are happy to help with problem solutions and name expert appraisers etc.
  • With every intervention, property, work and other relevant conditions are clarified and updated

Our Interventions in Austria include

  • Address verification / investigation: e.g. employer; when securing the vehicle log through visual inspection
  • Possibly interim reports and final report; Arrangement with nearest dealer (if key is available)
  • Any towing costs incurred (if no keys are available, the debtor refuses to return them or is not found despite several visits) will be settled directly with the client by the company commissioned by us


As part of our floorchecking service, we offer our customers professional:

  • Re-assign of goods transferred by means of security
  • On-site check of use, usage, condition
  • On-site check of any non-, error or false reports

Banks, financing goods for their customers by credit or leasing often have no way of finding out about the type or actual ownership of the goods they are financing. They often dependent on the information provided by the leasing or borrower and must therefore take risks with regard to the liquidity of their customers.

We carry out an on-site check of all information for banks and finance companies, such as information on the use and scope of the financed goods. This service is not limited to Austria. After completing the investigation you requested, you will receive a detailed, illustrated report with all the relevant and important data and facts for your records. You gain constant control even with larger projects without having to take unnecessary risks. Take advantage of our experience and our international network for secure business transactions!

Positive Closure

  • The debtor pays the outstanding balance including intervention costs
  • The leased item is secured and is located at the nearest contractual partner
  • The client confirms successful completion of the order for other reasons or withdraws the order after the contractor’s activity has already started for reasons the contractor is not responsible for.

Negative Closure

  • An order is considered unsuccessful if the contractor realizes that he cannot secure the vehicle
  • The contractor did not complete the order within a period of 4 weeks – without the client having reached an agreement with the debtor – not positively and the client therefore withdrew the order.


Positive Closure€ 210,00 excl. VAT
Negative Closure€ 0,00 excl. VAT

Thanks to our permanent field service, we are closer to the customer. For more information, please visit our guardian page at:

Seizures in Austria and other European countries:  www.die-waechter.at
Seizures in Germany:  www.detektei-fortmuehler.de

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