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In the scope of our Floorchecking-Services we offer our customers professional:

  • controlling of safeguarded goods
  • local checking of engagement, usage, condition
  • local checking of eventually not existing-, error- or false reports

Companies which finance the goods of their customers per credit or leasing, have very often no possibilities to inform themselves about the kind or actual ownership of the goods which they finance. They often have to rely on the statements of the leasing- or credit taker and have to take the risks regarding the liquidation of their customers.

The Private Investigation Agency Walter Fortmühler e.K. takes up local checking for banks and finance companies of all informations, for instance usage and extend of the financed goods. After closing of the desired check they get a detailed, graphical report with all relevant and important data and facts for their files. Banks and finance companies put themselves in a position of permanent control also in bigger projects without taking up unnecessary risks. Use here as well our expertise and our international framework for a safety business process.

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